Natural Wonders Of Wildlife And Wilderness

Glacier is certified by the Audubon Society, and takes great pride in acting as a steward for the unspoiled environment that surrounds this very special place. Visit and you’ll see: the land in and around the Club is home to a lively array of nature’s most breathtaking flora and fauna, making wildlife watching and photography popular pastimes here.

Spy cottontail rabbits and gray foxes, mule deer and elk, roaming along the wooded hillsides and grassy valleys. Moose, mountain lions, mountain goats, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and even black bears can be spotted farther out. Native trees and flowers are many and diverse, from the prickly pear and blue grass of the desert lands to the ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, quaking aspen, Colorado blue spruce, huckleberry, and arctic willow of the higher elevations.